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At Trophy Book Archery, you can find a variety of archery and hunting accessories at our Spruce Grove shop. We supply hunting accessories to Edmonton bow hunters. Swing by our store the next time you need anything from hunting DVDs to quality knives to specialized packs and cases. We carry brands like:

We offer a variety of accessories to make your next hunting experience more successful. Whether you're new to the sport or a seasoned pro, our shop has plenty to offer. Our staff is happy to talk about your needs and offer recommendations—don't hesitate to ask. With our extensive inventory, you're sure to find what you need when you visit. Browse our products on this page and stop by our fully stocked store to see our varied options. 

Buy our accessories early for the best selection. We carry the following hunting accessories:

Trail camera


One of the greatest innovations to hunting in the last 20 years is the advent of the trail camera. Identifying where to find that monster buck or picking out the most profitable game trail can reduce hours of wasted hunting. Come in and see a demonstration of the camera’s prowess and check out some of the amazing animals right here in our own backyard. We have the proof that the big ones are out there!



Reproducing the “talk” of any game is an art. A good call can freeze a running animal, turn another broadside or bring in a cautious male to shooting distance. Now with many of the calls we carry at Trophy Book Archery Ltd., reproducing the “talk” has become a sure thing.

Take a look at the options available to the big game hunter and see how incredible it is to reproduce perfect sounds every time.



When you think of essential hunting equipment, you probably think of your bow, arrows and hunting optics. You might picture tree stands that position you above big game or modern quivers that help you stay as silent and safe as possible while hunting.

While all of these components are important, they overlook one of the most crucial factors: good clothing. In fact, most bowhunters spend more money on clothes than on their bow.

When you have the right apparel, you'll be better camouflaged, warmer and safer in the wilderness.

For hunting attire in Edmonton that will keep you safe and further your success on your next hunting trip visit Trophy Book Archery Ltd.

Rely on Our Gear

If you're hunting in Canada, you're in for a chilly time. Spending hours virtually motionless is already a difficult feat, but plummeting temperatures make it much more challenging (and more dangerous).

Before your next trip, invest in our sturdy hunting clothes. We stock a great selection of hunting attire from trusted brands, including:

Count on Our Experience

Each staff member at Trophy Book Archery Ltd. has the hunting experience to point you in the right direction. Like you, we've spent hours in the cold waiting for that perfect shot. We're more than happy to answer any of your questions and help you find the right hunting attire for your situation.

Stop by our Spruce Grove location to view our complete inventory.


Modern hunting optics contain refinements that our forbearers could have never dreamed about. Higher magnifications, improved protective coatings, stronger, lighter materials and various optional features have elevated performance.

These advances give the hunter an advantage in low light conditions, range finding and all-weather versatility that makes for reliable identification and location of the target.




Hunters have long understood that game animals are obviously attuned to smells and odours in the field. Our skin naturally emits scent, so hunters have tried to cover as much of it as possible. Strong smelling hygiene products or smoking and chewing tobacco are definite no-nos for the hunter stalking that trophy buck.

Modern hunting clothing and scent products attempt to mask or change the scent of the hunter to limit the effects of the shifting or swirling wind patterns that can betray your position and alert animals to your presence.



You can participate in the sport of archery in a number of different ways. Like any sport, it takes plenty of practice to prepare for that special day. Target practice helps the archer develop consistency. The type of target selected can be utilized by all archers, but generally, 3D archery usually coincides with the sport of hunting and the targets are game animals.

Two-dimensional targets are used by sport and hunting archers to zero in their sites and focus on providing feedback on the location of the arrow grouping.


Tree stand

Tree Stands and Blinds

One of the greatest challenges hunters face is manoeuvring themselves into the right position while staying out of sight. Use our blinds and tree stands in Edmonton to hide from prey and stay steady while you shoot. With help from our equipment, you can make your next hunting trip a sure success.

Why Choose Blinds and Tree Stands?

As large animals like moose and elk move through the forest, they rarely expect an attack from above. Use our tree stands to get an edge on prey by positioning yourself higher up. Tree stands also keep you safer from dangerous prey at close range. Like tree stands, hunting blinds reduce your chances of being seen by prey. Both products give you an advantage over large game. Visit our store or call today to learn more about our product selection and brands.

Why Choose Trophy Book Archery Ltd.?

At Trophy Book Archery Ltd., we carry a variety of product lines. We keep careful tabs on our inventory, which means we're rarely out of stock. When you can't find what you're looking for anywhere else, come to Trophy Book Archery Ltd.

Our staff members are just as passionate about bow hunting as our customers. You can always come to us for advice. We're happy to provide instruction and recommendations on specific products and hunting generally. We also offer immediate product service and repair.



Quivers have been traditionally made of leather, bark, wood, furs and other natural materials. Modern quivers are created from cutting edge composites and plastics. They are designed for ease of use, stability, sound dampening, safety and many other factors. The modern quiver is available in a number of forms or styles to choose from. Come into the shop and our knowledgeable staff can help you choose the style and design that best meets your needs.


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